Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Delicious Gluten Free Waffle Cone

Finally... A Delicious Gluten Free Waffle Cone

By Eric ConeKing Nielsen

When it comes to food that is gluten free. It's hard to imagine that there can be any gluten free food that doesn't require the person eating it to give up good taste.

When it comes to waffle cones. Have you ever tasted a gluten free waffle cone made of soy flour? Frankly I'd rather eat brussel sprouts. And I hate them.

Now, when it comes to making waffle cones. No one compares to the recipes that deliver on taste than the delicious recipes in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone".

The many different types of waffle cones, or cookie cones as they are so often called, will have the most discriminating ice cream cone connoisseur content forever.

With so many ice cream lovers asking for a Gluten Free Waffle Cone recipe. is proud to say they have just published a recipe in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone" that the author feels will WOW any ice cream lover, who has ever tasted a gluten free waffle cone in the past.

For those ice cream lovers with wheat allergies, that have been carving a waffle cone to go with their ice cream. Check out this treasure trove book of fantastic waffle cone recipes. There's a recipe for you and plenty for family and friends.

This summer don't miss out on this American favorite. And remember... if you are just starting out making waffle cones. We have a great bargain on a waffle cone maker and our one-of-a-kind recipe book.

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