Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beware Of The Doghouse

Back from the 1960's. J.C.Penney has a hit with their Christmas Advertising version of Look Who's In The Doghouse, designed to keep husbands out of the family doghouse.

Taken from the kitchen wall plaque version of the 1960's. Where Mom would put the deserving rule breaker in the doghouse until the next family member would decide to pull their Shananigans and take the next timeout.

Back then. And even today. People everywhere are rediscovering the fun and fond memories their family can create by palcing one of these hand crafted plaques in their home.

See why getting put in the doghouse can have the fingers pointing and smiles spreading humor in your family during family timeout. See for yourself how when Mom or Dad deserve a timeout how quickly the kids will jump to place them in the doghouse. Heaven forbid Grandmom should make a mistake.

Nearly gone forever. This 1960's classic family fun treat is becoming the family tradion once again.

If you haven't seen the hilarious, real version, of this traditional family fun timeout tool that everyone is talking about. Then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this cool gift that J.C. Penney has put their spin on.

Can't wait to get yours: Visit E-Bay... and type in search
"Look Who's In The Doghouse".