Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Waffle Cone Summer Bargain

The Great American Ice Cream Cone

Treat your family to some truely tasty cookie cones this summer by taking advantage of our 2009 ConeKing Cone Kit.

The recipe book is been updated with 4 new recipes, and discounted $2.00.

Receive our book and a waflle cone baker together for $59.95 including FREE shipping and handling.

The bargain doesn't end there. Stop by http://www.icecreamjunkies.com/
to discover the complete story. This summer's Ice Cream Cone Lovers Bargain can't be beat by any other deal on the net.

Original recipes for waffle cones can only be found at icecreamjunkies.com. Mix and match your favorite ice cream flavors with one of a kind cookie cones. Hummm... Delicious :)

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