Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Economics Forcing Americans To Cook At Home

The morning trip to McDonald's for breakfast and lunch out with the guys has pretty much come to a screeching halt for a lot of Americans.

I know for myself. What I use to purchase at Wendy's for $6 and change now cost me nearly $10.00. Wow! Yet I just went out for chicken... only 8 pieces, one side and 4 biscuits and it cost me $18.00. If you don't think everyone is fighting for their survival. Think again.

So today, CNN and other news channels have begun reporting on the latest fallout of this economic problem the nation is dealing with. People are beginning to eat more of their meals at home.

Yes, Americans are starting to catch on to the fact that they will spend a whole lot more of their hard earned money if they should decide to live as though nothing abnormal is going on around them. Prices at their favorite eating holes are going up and a lot more of their money is coming out of their pocket for the pleasure. Leaving, a not so wonderful after taste, in their mouths.

Well, if Americans are going to be making the best out of eating more of their meals at home, then Ice Cream Junkies Dot Com would like to suggest having the most fun possible. Make those meals a family event for the whole gang.

We figure everyone wanting to cook at home will begin dusting off the cookbooks and maybe even buying a few new cookbooks, since this economic problem America faces isn't expected to end any time soon.

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Whether you make cones or bowls. It doesn't matter what goes on the inside. Pudding, mousse, jello cubes, frank and beans. There's a blast to be found when the whole family gets involved.

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