Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Delicious Gluten Free Waffle Cone

Finally... A Delicious Gluten Free Waffle Cone

By Eric ConeKing Nielsen

When it comes to food that is gluten free. It's hard to imagine that there can be any gluten free food that doesn't require the person eating it to give up good taste.

When it comes to waffle cones. Have you ever tasted a gluten free waffle cone made of soy flour? Frankly I'd rather eat brussel sprouts. And I hate them.

Now, when it comes to making waffle cones. No one compares to the recipes that deliver on taste than the delicious recipes in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone".

The many different types of waffle cones, or cookie cones as they are so often called, will have the most discriminating ice cream cone connoisseur content forever.

With so many ice cream lovers asking for a Gluten Free Waffle Cone recipe. is proud to say they have just published a recipe in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone" that the author feels will WOW any ice cream lover, who has ever tasted a gluten free waffle cone in the past.

For those ice cream lovers with wheat allergies, that have been carving a waffle cone to go with their ice cream. Check out this treasure trove book of fantastic waffle cone recipes. There's a recipe for you and plenty for family and friends.

This summer don't miss out on this American favorite. And remember... if you are just starting out making waffle cones. We have a great bargain on a waffle cone maker and our one-of-a-kind recipe book.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Of America's Favorite Food Smells

Cinnamon: An American Favorite
By Eric "ConeKing" Nielsen
Well, summer's almost here. The kids are getting out of school. The temperature is about to rise, making way for summer fairs and carnivals.
I'm sure many Americans will visit many of these fun events this year. And as they do, Im positive they will stand in the long line at the cinnamon bun booth for a cup of joe and delicious bun.
It always amazes me how our noses pick up a familar smell. Such as cinnamon when baked in a cinnamon bun. And right away it clicks in our mind that we have to track this item down and enjoy it.
Like the fairs and carnivals with their sweet smells. Cinnamon worked very well as a crowd pleaser at Giggles' Ice Cream Parlor; when we use to bake our Cinnamon Ice Cream Cones fresh each day.
People would come into the store, dragged in by their noses, to pick out their favorite flavor of ice cream to match to the cinnamon cone. Usually it would be cherry or blueberry cheesecake ice cream. And the smiles on their faces always let us know we were onto a good thing.
This summer, consider looking into purchasing a Waffle Cone Maker and bake some cones that will become a grand, family summer tradition. There is nothing better than the fresh ingredients in a crispy waffle cone right off the waffle cone iron. It sure beats the waffle cones from a bag mix at your favorite ice cream store, that have been sitting around becoming far less than crispy. Don't you deserve better?
If you need a waffle cone iron visit and we will set you up with our 2009 Summer Bargain. If you have a waffle cone maker already and you want cones that don't leak. And cookie cone recipes that come in numerous flavors so everyone can mix and match their favorite flavor of ice cream to a different cone each day. Then stop by and see for yourself the best cones and the best deal ice cream lovers will find this summer. Order your copy of
"The Great American Ice Cream Cone"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Birthday Party Downloads

Free Birthday Party Downloads
By Eric "ConeKing" Nielsen
With every child having a birthday. There is a parent struggling to prepare the party's events before the curtain climbers get out of hand. At we want to help.
Before planning your next birthday party come visit us and download a placemat or two. They'll help keep the area in front of the birthday guests clean and provide a game to keep the birthday child and his or her friends occupied while you are getting the birthday cake and fixins together to eat.
There is nothing to pay. It's free. Just stop by and download your copy.
And while you are there. See our offer for a waffle cone maker and waffle cone recipe book that can add a ton of fun at your next Birthday Party.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Turn An Ice Cream Cone Into A Fortune Cookie Birthday Invitation
By Eric "ConeKing" Nielsen

For those, at home waffle cone bakers, who want to know how to do something different with their waffle cone maker. Have I got a treat for you. How would you like to turn a waffle cone into a fortune cookie and use it to extend the fun your child has with his or her Birthday Party Preparations?

One day is never enough for any of us to enjoy our birthdays. It seems we want the good times to last forever. And for a child this point is extra true.
Well, take this idea and grow the excitement, building up to the day of the birthday. Your child will love you for it.
Start by have some birthday invitations made on the computer or hand written with the birthday boy or girl’s name, address, date and time of the party, and any other important info you want to add. If you want to download some pre-made fortune cookie strips to add your information to. You can visit
Begin by placing your invitation strips nearby. Mix up your favorite waffle cone recipe and warm up the waffle cone iron. Need Waffle Cone Recipes that aren’t full of holes and instructions for making waffle cones that don’t leak. Visit the above website.

Before you start baking the waffle cones. Take a long handle wooden spoon out of the kitchen draw. Flip the useful end of the spoon around and place it back in the kitchen drawer just enough so when you close the drawer, the handle of the spoon sticks out. This is what you will use to form your fortune cookies around.
Now you are ready to bake the cones the way you always do. When you are done baking your first waffle cone and it’s ready to be formed into a fortune cookie. Here’s what you do.
Open the waffle iron and place your birthday invitation onto the cone, just above the middle half of the cone. Our free invitation strips have “Your Invited” on them and are designed to have that part sticking out of the fortune cookie. Check them out.
Now grab the closest end of the cone and fold the waffle cone in half, away from you, toward the back of the waffle iron. DO NOT RUN YOUR FINGER ALONG THE FOLD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CONE.
With both hands. Grab the ends of the waffle cone at both ends of the fold, carefully preventing the top of the cone from folding backward or forward. Keep it straight!
Now move the bottom-center of the cone’s fold over the wooden spoon handle and bend the two corners of the cone down as if having both of your hands touching each other.
Hold the cone in place until the cone cools enough so it will remain in the shape of the fortune cookie as described in the diagram at the top of the page.
Caution: Folding a cone is hot on the fingers. For relief see note below.
Note: Rolling a waffle cone or making a fortune cookie out of a waffle cone can be very hot. The easiest way to find relief is to have a small bowl of ice water and a towel nearby.
Before rolling a waffle cone or forming a fortune cookie; dip your fingers into the ice water until cold. Then quickly dry with a towel and work with the waffle cone.
Another way to keep the fingers cool is the “Tippy Finger Method”. This method is something we are all familiar with. Standing on hot pavement during the summer in bare feet. Rocking back and forth on tippy toes, to keep the feet from burning.
When rolling a waffle cone or forming a fortune cookie. Your fingers will get hot. The way to hold the waffle cone so your fingers feel the heat as little as possible. Is to begin by holding the cone between the thumb and first finger.
Then when the fingers get too hot. Change your grip on the waffle cone. Now grip it between the thumb and the middle finger. Now Tippy Finger back and forth until your done. Then move on to the next waffle cone. I think you'll find the thumb doesn't feel the heat as much as the fingers do.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tailgaters BBQ Just Got Sent To Heaven

The Original
BBQ Ice Cream Cone

Tailgaters have always been interested in one-up-manship when it comes to the Wow-Factor of Parking Lot Cuisine.

This year its about the ultimate BBQ Dessert. The BBQ Ice Cream Cone. For those that may have had too many beers while cooking up some Gator on the grill. We're not talking about grilling the actual ice cream part of the ice cream cone. What we are announcing to the BBQ public is one of many recipes in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone".

Barbeques around America; taking place in campgrounds, backyards, and parking lots of stadiums are events that include unique desserts. Whether you are in a camper or out in the middle of a stadium parking lot. Treating your BBQ quests to a Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Orange, or BBQ waffle cone at the end of a meal will make bellies smile for sure.

Just think of it. The wonderful BBQ scent of hot dogs and burgers has faded away and noses begin to perk up to the smell of these delicious cookies cones made right on site. It's a BBQ Master's delite to have the quests not only praising you for that wonderful meal, but dessert too.

So if you want everyone talking about your next cookout. Come try The ConeKing's recipes for BBQ success. Especially his Original One-Of-A-Kind BBQ Ice Cream Cone with that true smokey kick.

So before another summer and fall comes to an end, visit and check out the good eats to be had when a good BBQ is finished with a Good Ole American Ice Cream Cone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Waffle Cone Summer Bargain

The Great American Ice Cream Cone

Treat your family to some truely tasty cookie cones this summer by taking advantage of our 2009 ConeKing Cone Kit.

The recipe book is been updated with 4 new recipes, and discounted $2.00.

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The bargain doesn't end there. Stop by
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Original recipes for waffle cones can only be found at Mix and match your favorite ice cream flavors with one of a kind cookie cones. Hummm... Delicious :)