Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Of America's Favorite Food Smells

Cinnamon: An American Favorite
By Eric "ConeKing" Nielsen
Well, summer's almost here. The kids are getting out of school. The temperature is about to rise, making way for summer fairs and carnivals.
I'm sure many Americans will visit many of these fun events this year. And as they do, Im positive they will stand in the long line at the cinnamon bun booth for a cup of joe and delicious bun.
It always amazes me how our noses pick up a familar smell. Such as cinnamon when baked in a cinnamon bun. And right away it clicks in our mind that we have to track this item down and enjoy it.
Like the fairs and carnivals with their sweet smells. Cinnamon worked very well as a crowd pleaser at Giggles' Ice Cream Parlor; when we use to bake our Cinnamon Ice Cream Cones fresh each day.
People would come into the store, dragged in by their noses, to pick out their favorite flavor of ice cream to match to the cinnamon cone. Usually it would be cherry or blueberry cheesecake ice cream. And the smiles on their faces always let us know we were onto a good thing.
This summer, consider looking into purchasing a Waffle Cone Maker and bake some cones that will become a grand, family summer tradition. There is nothing better than the fresh ingredients in a crispy waffle cone right off the waffle cone iron. It sure beats the waffle cones from a bag mix at your favorite ice cream store, that have been sitting around becoming far less than crispy. Don't you deserve better?
If you need a waffle cone iron visit and we will set you up with our 2009 Summer Bargain. If you have a waffle cone maker already and you want cones that don't leak. And cookie cone recipes that come in numerous flavors so everyone can mix and match their favorite flavor of ice cream to a different cone each day. Then stop by and see for yourself the best cones and the best deal ice cream lovers will find this summer. Order your copy of
"The Great American Ice Cream Cone"

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