Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Turn An Ice Cream Cone Into A Fortune Cookie Birthday Invitation
By Eric "ConeKing" Nielsen

For those, at home waffle cone bakers, who want to know how to do something different with their waffle cone maker. Have I got a treat for you. How would you like to turn a waffle cone into a fortune cookie and use it to extend the fun your child has with his or her Birthday Party Preparations?

One day is never enough for any of us to enjoy our birthdays. It seems we want the good times to last forever. And for a child this point is extra true.
Well, take this idea and grow the excitement, building up to the day of the birthday. Your child will love you for it.
Start by have some birthday invitations made on the computer or hand written with the birthday boy or girl’s name, address, date and time of the party, and any other important info you want to add. If you want to download some pre-made fortune cookie strips to add your information to. You can visit
Begin by placing your invitation strips nearby. Mix up your favorite waffle cone recipe and warm up the waffle cone iron. Need Waffle Cone Recipes that aren’t full of holes and instructions for making waffle cones that don’t leak. Visit the above website.

Before you start baking the waffle cones. Take a long handle wooden spoon out of the kitchen draw. Flip the useful end of the spoon around and place it back in the kitchen drawer just enough so when you close the drawer, the handle of the spoon sticks out. This is what you will use to form your fortune cookies around.
Now you are ready to bake the cones the way you always do. When you are done baking your first waffle cone and it’s ready to be formed into a fortune cookie. Here’s what you do.
Open the waffle iron and place your birthday invitation onto the cone, just above the middle half of the cone. Our free invitation strips have “Your Invited” on them and are designed to have that part sticking out of the fortune cookie. Check them out.
Now grab the closest end of the cone and fold the waffle cone in half, away from you, toward the back of the waffle iron. DO NOT RUN YOUR FINGER ALONG THE FOLD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CONE.
With both hands. Grab the ends of the waffle cone at both ends of the fold, carefully preventing the top of the cone from folding backward or forward. Keep it straight!
Now move the bottom-center of the cone’s fold over the wooden spoon handle and bend the two corners of the cone down as if having both of your hands touching each other.
Hold the cone in place until the cone cools enough so it will remain in the shape of the fortune cookie as described in the diagram at the top of the page.
Caution: Folding a cone is hot on the fingers. For relief see note below.
Note: Rolling a waffle cone or making a fortune cookie out of a waffle cone can be very hot. The easiest way to find relief is to have a small bowl of ice water and a towel nearby.
Before rolling a waffle cone or forming a fortune cookie; dip your fingers into the ice water until cold. Then quickly dry with a towel and work with the waffle cone.
Another way to keep the fingers cool is the “Tippy Finger Method”. This method is something we are all familiar with. Standing on hot pavement during the summer in bare feet. Rocking back and forth on tippy toes, to keep the feet from burning.
When rolling a waffle cone or forming a fortune cookie. Your fingers will get hot. The way to hold the waffle cone so your fingers feel the heat as little as possible. Is to begin by holding the cone between the thumb and first finger.
Then when the fingers get too hot. Change your grip on the waffle cone. Now grip it between the thumb and the middle finger. Now Tippy Finger back and forth until your done. Then move on to the next waffle cone. I think you'll find the thumb doesn't feel the heat as much as the fingers do.
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