Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learn How To Wow Your Next Ice Cream Social Profits

Learn How To Wow Your Next Ice Cream Social Profits
Let me ask you this. Are you copying what everyone one else is doing when it comes to your Ice Cream Social? Did you ever think that maybe this is why your sales are stagnant?

Now, ask yourself this. If you were a jellybean. Would you want to be the jellybean of Easter's past? Or would you like to be the jelly bean of all time? The Jelly Belly jelly bean?

Would rather be like Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Parlors, when it comes to ice cream? Or would you rather make a name for yourself by being creative enough to spin off in a new direction when it comes to ice cream, as Cold Stone did?

Each of the two new ideas above created such a fantastic curiosity that people had to give them a try. And when they did, they couldn't get enough of the new product.

Now, when it comes to an ice cream social. The idea is to create enough excitement to get people pulling their wallet out like there is no tomorrow.

Let's use smell for example. At a typical bake sale the food for sale is already baked, and wrapped. Ready to go home with the customer. And it goes too.

But think for a moment how much more could be sold if the items for sale were being made all day long. Baked throughout the bake sale day with the smell luring customers to the sale counter. Don't you think more sales would occur?

For Less Than $20.00 This Little Giant Of A Book Will Make A Big
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With plenty of make in advance ideas your next ice cream social can't help but be the best event ever.

Now, what if I told you that if your organization was to invest in a waffle cone maker and bake cones on sight. Sending that delicious home baked smell out over the visiting guests. Do you think that it would create an easy avenue for mouth watering customers ready to purchase your product? Absolutely!

Here's the whole idea. You can make a sundae like you always do and have the people who support your efforts each year buy it because they want to help. Or you can kick the whole ice cream social idea up a notch and have people buying the product you offer because they can't get enough of what you offer.

An irresistible product and a fan base of supporters equals more profits. It's the perfect yes-yes deal. People with money to support your cause and a product that your supporters feel is well worth their money.

Let's not forget the word of mouth explosion of future supporters that goes along with a great product people can get behind.
Need free advertising to get the supporters out to your next ice cream social? Well a new product creates new interest.

In the past I'm sure you had no problem getting the local radio stations and newspapers to plug your event. But what if what they reported to their audience was something fantastically new? Something they tasted and found delicious. What kind of news report might you then receive? Something fantastic I would think.

Do you think your Ice Cream Social could benefit from the excitement created? Do you think more people would be willing to come out and share in your event? And might more people come from further away because of the interest in what you are selling? Can you say: "YES!"

Here it is... My idea is for your organization to consider what will happen if you take ice cream to the next level. I'm talking about making delicious tasting, as well as delicious smelling cookie cones for your supporters to mix and match with their favorite flavor of ice cream.

My book: "The Great American Ice Cream Cone" has 16 different recipes for ice cream cones, along with plenty of ideas that can be used at your next ice cream social, that you will only grow your profits.

And the best thing is. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ON A BIG SCALE. Start small and simple and grow as you feel comfortable. Use one or two ideas and expand later if you want.

Take one recipe. For example: My Classic Cinnamon Cone. Did you know that cinnamon is so popular of a smell that people simply can't resist following their noses to its location? Why do you think Cinnabon is so popular?

Start your next ice cream social with this one cone. Make a regular ice cream cone size, a sundae cone size, and a ice cream cone bowl for sundaes. That's it! You'll be able to command an increase in price for your product. One that everyone will justify by their nose.

You'll have bragging rights that you can use in your radio and newspaper advertising. Plus bragging rights that your supporters will run with as they pass the word on to friends and neighbors. Making it simple to see future growth and profits for future ice cream socials.

I guarantee the neighbors next door to where you hold your ice cream social will come over to investigate. Even if they never visited any of your past events. I'm telling you the cinnamon smell will do the job for you.

Sell what you normally sell. Just add the smell, a cone for the supporters that like their ice cream simple, a sundae cone for the ice cream explorers, and a ice cream cone bowl for the traditional sundae lovers that have to have it in a bowl.

Heck, you can even make a cone. Cut it into wedges while it's still hot. Pile them into a small French fry type bag and serve then with a small container of cinnamon honey, cream cheese icing, or cinnamon icing for dipping. I call them "Dimples and Giggles".

I know most organizations like to keep their ice cream socials simple. And you can with my ideas. Use however many different flavors of ice cream that you normally use. Serve one or two flavors of cones. Or one type with the traditional sugar cones and wafer cones.

Putting that little added touch to add profit to what you sell.
Use the Danish way of serving a regular waffle cone. One scoop of ice cream, a teaspoon of strawberry preserves, and dollop of fresh whipped cream. Then give the product a cute name.

The added touch and color this idea adds to the cone your supporters purchase, will make them feel comfortable that the price you charge them is well worth it.

Call the larger sundae cone something fun like "The Giggler". It makes people smile when they hear it and that is what you want to create at your fundraiser. Then make it like you would a sundae in a bowl. Give them a spoon and a napkin and they're off and running.

Then there's the ice cream cone bowl. Just bake the cone and while it's hot off the iron, you simply place the cone over a small upside down glass bowl and mold the cone into a bowl. Let cool and fill it with the customer's favorite sundae toppings. Slap it on a sheet of waxed paper or foil. Give them a spoon and a napkin and they are on their way smiling. Save money on plastic dishes.

Give my book a try, using one idea to add to your next ice cream social and you'll see for yourself that increasing profits at your next event won't be that hard to do.

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Need a cone maker that fits your budget? Simply, go to E-bay and order one new or used. Or visit a restaurant supply store near you for new and used waffle cone makers.

Now's the time with many ice cream businesses closing their doors to find deals.

Remember... have the cones baking all during the ice cream social. And if you typically have large crowds make the extra you need that morning or the night before. Place them in a bag as soon as they cool so they stay crispy until they are served. Crispy fresh cones are a must.

Back in the 1980s I set up a booth at California's 1st Strawberry Festival and with handmade cones we were voted the most popular booth at the event. So, if I can do it on a big scale. You too can do it with your volunteers on the neighborhood scale you choose.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ice Cream Cone Expert, Author of "The Great American Ice Cream Cone" and Inventor of the Original Gourmet Flavored Cookie Cone, Eric R. Nielsen wants everyone to enjoy handmade ice cream cones. Learn how to bake cones like a pro and wow your friends and family. Learn to make more profits at your next fundraiser using these ideas.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Bad Economy Is Ripe For Ice Cream

A Bad Economy Is Ripe For Ice Cream

It's been coming for a long time. Prices on our favorite treats have been creeping up for what seems like forever. And this current economic trouble proves that something needs to change.

This summer why not vote with your feet and start going back to the old ways of creating summer fun. When it comes to getting relief from the summer heat and someone mentions"Let's go get some ice cream". Stop them in their tracks and say: "I have a better idea".

Then hurry everyone over to your house and serve them up some homemade ice cream cones. Order everyone's favorite ice cream or make it fresh at home. Get out a waffle cone maker and fill the summer air with the sweet smell of your choice of over a dozen different flavors of cookies cones to slap the ice cream in.

Made with fresh ingredients. Your guest will not be able to resist the delicious smell of homemade waffle cones baking. Line up the gang and as the cones come crispy sweet off the waffle iron, fill each with that cool creamy ice cream.

Then with each lick. Thumb your nose at the ice cream parlor who charges nearly a buck for a stale waffle cone.

Win this summer by saving money and making the most delicious cookie cones at home. You won't get them any fresher. And you won't find a better selection of recipes anywhere.

Need help finding a reasonably priced waffle cone maker? Just ask at Order our recipe book and feel assured that you will always have someone on your team to help you roll a cone like a pro, answer any of your cone baking questions. Plus, if you order now; know that as more recipes are created, you will receive them FREE.

Ice Cream Junkies appreciates your business. This is why we're offer this special springtime deal. We want everyone to taste the difference between the pre-mix ice cream parlor cones and the homemade ones using the freshest ingredients. Join us in making bellies smile!

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The book's author is not new to the ice cream cone business. He was there when the ice cream cone craze began back in the early 1980s. Before Baskin-Robbins got their first waffle cone makers.

Discover the new taste of ice cream cones. Bragging Rights as a great dessert maker is a click away.