Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Bad Economy Is Ripe For Ice Cream

A Bad Economy Is Ripe For Ice Cream

It's been coming for a long time. Prices on our favorite treats have been creeping up for what seems like forever. And this current economic trouble proves that something needs to change.

This summer why not vote with your feet and start going back to the old ways of creating summer fun. When it comes to getting relief from the summer heat and someone mentions"Let's go get some ice cream". Stop them in their tracks and say: "I have a better idea".

Then hurry everyone over to your house and serve them up some homemade ice cream cones. Order everyone's favorite ice cream or make it fresh at home. Get out a waffle cone maker and fill the summer air with the sweet smell of your choice of over a dozen different flavors of cookies cones to slap the ice cream in.

Made with fresh ingredients. Your guest will not be able to resist the delicious smell of homemade waffle cones baking. Line up the gang and as the cones come crispy sweet off the waffle iron, fill each with that cool creamy ice cream.

Then with each lick. Thumb your nose at the ice cream parlor who charges nearly a buck for a stale waffle cone.

Win this summer by saving money and making the most delicious cookie cones at home. You won't get them any fresher. And you won't find a better selection of recipes anywhere.

Need help finding a reasonably priced waffle cone maker? Just ask at Order our recipe book and feel assured that you will always have someone on your team to help you roll a cone like a pro, answer any of your cone baking questions. Plus, if you order now; know that as more recipes are created, you will receive them FREE.

Ice Cream Junkies appreciates your business. This is why we're offer this special springtime deal. We want everyone to taste the difference between the pre-mix ice cream parlor cones and the homemade ones using the freshest ingredients. Join us in making bellies smile!

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The book's author is not new to the ice cream cone business. He was there when the ice cream cone craze began back in the early 1980s. Before Baskin-Robbins got their first waffle cone makers.

Discover the new taste of ice cream cones. Bragging Rights as a great dessert maker is a click away.

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