Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tailgaters BBQ Just Got Sent To Heaven

The Original
BBQ Ice Cream Cone

Tailgaters have always been interested in one-up-manship when it comes to the Wow-Factor of Parking Lot Cuisine.

This year its about the ultimate BBQ Dessert. The BBQ Ice Cream Cone. For those that may have had too many beers while cooking up some Gator on the grill. We're not talking about grilling the actual ice cream part of the ice cream cone. What we are announcing to the BBQ public is one of many recipes in "The Great American Ice Cream Cone".

Barbeques around America; taking place in campgrounds, backyards, and parking lots of stadiums are events that include unique desserts. Whether you are in a camper or out in the middle of a stadium parking lot. Treating your BBQ quests to a Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Orange, or BBQ waffle cone at the end of a meal will make bellies smile for sure.

Just think of it. The wonderful BBQ scent of hot dogs and burgers has faded away and noses begin to perk up to the smell of these delicious cookies cones made right on site. It's a BBQ Master's delite to have the quests not only praising you for that wonderful meal, but dessert too.

So if you want everyone talking about your next cookout. Come try The ConeKing's recipes for BBQ success. Especially his Original One-Of-A-Kind BBQ Ice Cream Cone with that true smokey kick.

So before another summer and fall comes to an end, visit and check out the good eats to be had when a good BBQ is finished with a Good Ole American Ice Cream Cone.

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