Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Is National Ice Cream Month

Summer Is Coming To A Close

Celebrate With Our One Smart Bargain
On Waffle Cone Makers

Check Out The Many Sweet Freebies That
Come With This Waffle Cone Maker.

The weather has been hot and a wonderful waffle cone is just what's needed to cool things down. We like to call them Cookie Cones.

This summer, if you've been to the local ice cream parlor, you've noticed that treating the family to a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone has gone up.

Did you know that for what it cost to enjoy a waffle cone out at the local ice cream parlor you can make approximately 14 cones per family member at home?

Think about it for a minute. 14 cones each. Made with the freshest ingredients. Not a bag mix waffle cone, but instead a cookie cone made in a multitude of different cookie flavors to mix with any flavor ice cream you want.

Recipes you won't find anywhere else. Free!

Shipping.... Free!

Future Recipes.... Free!

Access To The Author For Any Questions About Waffle Cone Making... Free!

BBQs, Tailgating, Picinics, Camping
All Of Them
Need Dessert To Be Fantastic

Come by and see if you might like to take advantage of our great summer bargain.

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