Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camping Meets Heavenly Smores

A Recipe For Heavenly S'mores

By Eric R. Nielsen

This summer' s camping and barbecuing can always use something interesting when it comes to chowing down. Steak, hamburgers, hot dogs are all wonderful meals to have at the end of the day, but dessert is the most important part of any meal. It allows everyone to relax out on the patio or around a campfire, talking about the day's activities.

For those of you who are ice cream junkies and never miss a chance to serve up some ice cream at the end of the day; have I got a treat for you. We're not talking about your mom's s'mores either. No, these are the ultimate s'mores. Heavenly S'mores if you will.

To make them you need to bake yourself a few Cinnamon Graham Cracker Waffle Cones. Melt some dark chocolate and warm some marshmallow fluff. When ready, pour the melted chocolate in the Graham Cracker Waffle Cone and coat the inside completely. Pour the excess chocolate out and pop the waffle cone into the freezer for 30 seconds to harden the chocolate.

Next pour in the warmed marshmallow fluff and coat the inside of the waffle cone like you did with the chocolate. You may need to spread the marshmallow around with the back of a spoon to evenly coat over the chocolate.

Don't worry about leaving too much in the bottom of the cone. It's ok :)~ You're just making that last bite the best thing you ever had. As soon as you scoop out the extra marshmallow, you're ready to fill the cone with some ice cream.

I recommend Dreyers Rocky Road Ice Cream if you have it handy. Now, if you're camping, the cones can be made in advance. Just add the chocolate and marshmallow on site so the cones remain crisp.

As far as where do you get the ice cream? May I suggest making it on the spot. Simply take some of that ice you brought to cool your food and place it in a large ziplock bag with some salt.
Now in a small ziplock place the ice cream making ingredients. Seal the small bag completely and place it inside the larger bag that has the ice. Next... sit there and rock the large ziplock back and forth between your hands and watch the ice cream thicken as it gets colder.

When done, just scoop some ice cream into the heavenly s'mores waffle cone and enjoy.

For ice cream making recipes. Simply search "Ice Cream In A Bag."

To learn more about making Graham Cracker Waffle Cones, visit:

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