Friday, February 8, 2008

Krumkake Baking This Winter

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What Krumkake Lovers Are Discovering
By Eric R. Nielsen
Inventor Of The Original Flavored Cookie Cone

An ice cream cone is nothing more than an Norwegian Krumkake Cookie Wafer that has been made into an American size cone that can be filled with all things wonderful. The Krumkake recipes, up until now, have been limited to the traditional flavors of the Northern Europe region.

Today, that is no longer the case. Today, Americans of Northern European decent are discovering the fantastic unity of the Old World European Cookie called the Krumkake and the always creative, new, ideas of New World America, namely, the ice cream cone.

Americans of Northern European decent living in Northern America are enjoying the discovery of a new recipe book that adds to the diversity of Krumkake Cookies. Whether you like your Krumkake with a nice whipped filling or with a light coating of powdered sugar.

Nothing can make this cookie better than the variety offered in “The Great American Ice Cream Cone”. Thanks to and E-Bay, the world is discovering the endless combination of recipes that can be made using their Krumkake Maker.

Together with MGTG Publishing, the world is finding that the Krumkake has come full circle, returning again, with more recipes to use than ever before.

Oh, by the way. Just because you prefer ice cream in your wafer cone doesn’t mean you too shouldn’t check out all the fun combinations available to those interested finding more delicious matches for their favorite ice cream flavors.

Whether you own a Krumkake maker or a Waffle Cone maker. This book will have you saying: “Yes I want another, please.”


  1. Other than the obvious similarity, do you know of the historical connection between the krumkake and cone? I realize they seem to be linked, but do you have any proof? I want to edit the wikipedia article for both icecream coans and krunkake, but I need more than suposition. I need the historical connection. Do you know it?

  2. I'm not a student of ice cream cone or Krumkake history. I do know the more recent history of the cone that I published because I lived it. If you've read the History of the Ice Cream Cone that is posted out there it is all conjecture. My comment on this subject is as follows:

    Historically, you will have to research that. There are some good websites that have documented the history of the ice cream cone. Personally I think it's obvious. Europe has always been a well traveled area of the world. In fact, travelling is what we as humans do best. After all we did walk from Africa to the tip of South America during the course of our collective history.

    I think that once people have a taste of one culture's crispy cookie they will naturally relate it to what they are familiar with in their own country. Proof! I have none. An example of cultures affecting one another is historic. Even back in biblical times there was nothing new under the sun. People visited each others cultures and and brought with or took away what was best of each other. Even the history of the virgin birth is not unique to Christ. It was repeated way before the bible came along. It's not a leap to think that people new of the cone for ice cream long ago. Paris as you know had glass shaped cones to hold their ice cream way before the cone came along. Don't you think that someone seeing that in Paris would have put two and two together and rolled a krumkake into a cone and filled it with custard or whipped cream? Then caused someone else to go: "Ah-Ha".
    Good luck with gathering the facts. If you succeed with making a conection, please drop me a line. Not all history is fact, a lot of it is subjective. Example: the history of war is usually put in the books by the winner.

    Very Respectfully,
    Eric Nielsen

  3. Please re-read the 3rd paragraph for your answer.