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How To Turn A Ice Cream Cone Into A Fortune Cookie

How To Turn An Ice Cream Cone Into A Fortune Cookie
By MGTG Publishing
May 18, 2008 9:14AM

If you’re one of the many people who have discovered making delicious waffle cones at home. Not only might you have discovered creating the next generation of ice cream cone desserts by mixing fantastic flavors of cookie cones with any flavor of ice cream, but enjoying an All American Favorite that’s nothing short of amazing.
From the author who pioneered the Original Flavored Ice Cream Cone learn how to take a waffle cone and turn it into a fortune cookie. Then be creative and do plenty of swell stuff with it.
Send them out with your birthday boy or girl to hand out as birthday invitations. Set them out at your next dinner party as place settings for your guests. Or just have fun giving a fantastic message to someone you care about. The possibilities are endless.
Using the diagram above, here’s what you do…
Make your ice cream cone batter. When ready, heat up your waffle cone maker. Now put just enough on your waffle cone iron to make a full size ice cream cone.

Once the cone is baked and ready to come off the iron to be rolled into a cone; instead roll it following the diagrams below to turn it into a fortune cookie. It’s simple!
Write your fortune or message on a strip of paper and have it ready to insert into cookie.
Wedge a wooden spoon in a kitchen drawer with handle sticking out, in order to bend cookie around.
When ready… take the baked waffle cone off the iron. (Understand you must work quickly)
Place the message on cone as shown above. (Be sure to leave part of message hanging out.)
Fold cone in half.
Place the folded edge of the cone over the wooden spoon handle and bend down. Hold until cookie cools.
There you have it. You now know how to turn a freshly baked ice cream cone into a fortune cookie and it couldn’t have been simpler. For more fun with ice cream cones or to get started making cones at home, please visit:
MGTG Publishing
“The Great American Ice Cream Cone”
Author: Eric ConeKing Nielsen
Creator Of The Original Flavored Ice Cream Cone

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