Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baking With Your Children

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Love Baking With Your Kids
By Eric R. Nielsen
Inventor Of The Original Flavored Cookie Cone

Are you a parent who truly enjoys baking with their kids? Do you love watching the thrill on their face when they claim credit to that delicious cake or batch of cookies? If so, then why not the next time your child is having a birthday party, you leave the traditional paper invitations in the drawer and head for the kitchen. There’s nothing better than making the excitement of a birthday last longer than just one single day.

Here’s the idea. Why not get in the kitchen with your birthday boy or girl and make fortune cookies that contain a little confetti and a special invitation for that special guest.

It’s simple with The ConeKing’s help. All you need is to visit our website: and we’ll help you get started. Of course you can make a fortune cookie on a cookie sheet, but I guarantee you will be less than satisfied with your results.

At our website you’ll order a waffle cone maker if you need one and receive
“The Great American Ice Cream Cone” recipe book for free. If you own a pizzelle, krumkake, or waffle cone maker already. That’s fine too. Just order my book and I’ll show the easiest way for you and your child to make his or her next birthday extra special with this one simple idea.

If your child is just a little too young to be baking, you can still get them involved in the kitchen excitement. Just sit them down next to you while you do the baking. Give them some crayons and let them color the cool pictures in the book. They're just like pictures you'll find in any coloring book. Plus you can teach them some of the fasinating, fun facts I've included.

With your new cone maker and my book you’ll not only save money by enjoying the 16 flavors of waffle cones made fresh at home. But your family will enjoy being able to mix and match their favorite ice cream flavor with my cookie cones. Delicious cones you won’t find at your neighborhood ice cream store.

Your child will love passing out to friends an invitation made by their own hand. And the recipient will love the excitement of eating the invite and pondering what might be in store when arriving to the party.

And since cake and ice cream are a match at any birthday party. You can continue the fun by baking ice cream cone dishes and making this party the best ever by letting the kids enjoy making individual sundaes.
The fun is endless so why not come see for yourself what fun the family can have.

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