Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Doghouse And Valentine's Day

Open Letter To The Boys This
Valentine's Day.

And Yes Ladies... You may want to pass this around to friends, both male and female so everyone is on the same page on this night of love.

When going out this Valentine's Day. Remember that you are to treat her like she's the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth or you risk being tossed in the Doghouse.

Many men that have gone down this road before you continue to make these same mistakes. DON'T LET THIS BE YOU!

Here's a few thing s to do and not to do this Valentine's Day.

When at dinner remember the statistic say you will look at other women at least 7 times. She's not stupid, so put the blinders on. Save it for another day.

Look in her eyes when talking to her. Then stare at her lips and comment how lovely they look.

Hold her hand you fool. She wants that closeness when out in public. Heck I'm 56 and I still hold my wife's hand all the time. It's not so bad, even after 33 years of marriage.

If you're not going out after dinner. Ask her to go for a walk. If you are? Start your date long before dinner. Take a walk together. Or even a drive if its too cold out for a walk.

And finally, Yes... holding the door is still a time honored habit you need to learn to do without thinking about it. Whether it s the car door or the building door as you both enter. Opening the door for her will say to all the ladies who catch a glimpse. "Yes... now there's a guy I would like to have in my life."

Sounds Stupid you say.

Foolish boy!!!!!! It's a guarantee you'll be the one of the few to get to the "Wonder Boy Status" in her heart.

Reap The Rewards My Boy... After All Isn't That What Valentine's Day Is All About??????!!!!!!!!!!

Beware Of The Doghouse... Valentine's Night is your Reward. You Surely Don't Want To End Up Sleeping Out Back In The Doghouse On This Night Of Love.

The Same Goes For The Ladies... You didn't think he was spending all his hard earned money for nothing did you????????? Like Momma's little boy. Your boy is on his best behavior for a reason.

I leave it up to you to wrap your mind around the Valentine's Day night out before he gives you that final drink that moves the odds of a good out come into his favor.


King Pup

Beware The Doghouse

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